The marketing environment for today's businesses is as challenging as ever. Companies from around the globe compete to grab your audience's attention and its business. Additionally, consumers expect more from their brands -- wanting an experience just as much as they want quality goods and services. They want more than products: they want to be engaged.

If your company struggles with engagement you need a Fresh Perspective. iC provides a second set of eyes that's sure to help you build a connection between your brand and your audience.


Engagement is vital to capture your audience and keep their attention. Without engagement customers remain un-invested in your brand, creating an opportunity to be won over by the competition. Creating a loyal audience can be difficult, but tailoring a strategic approach with thoughtful, dynamic initiatives ensures that you will nurture deep relationships with your target audience.

An engaged audience is a growing breed. It identifies with the ideas of and forms deep attachments to the brands it cares about. It'll choose your brand over the competition, even if that means paying a premium, and it will be more than willing to recommend you to friends and family. These are your most valuable customers -- your ambassadors.


Developing an engaged audience is achieved over time, but events are a great way to ignite your efforts. They're the perfect way to get in front of a willing, curious audience. You'll be able to give them a taste of your goods and services, culture, and brand. By the end, they should be hungry for more and ready to build a relationship, instead of execute a one-time transaction.

Here are some tips to hosting the perfect engagement-building event:

  • Target Your Audience: You'll have better success thrilling a smaller audience than you would meeting the expectations of a large one. Tailor your efforts to a very specific audience, creating a unique experience.
  • Provide Value: Don't forget to talk at least a little business, no matter what your event is. Host exclusive demos, give out samples, or offer a promotion specific to the event. If you only hand out fact sheets and business cards, you'll be easily forgotten.
  • Change It Up: There's a ton of different events you can host, so don't continually retread the same ones. Host seminars, lunch & learns, and networking cocktails. Consider holding virtual events, like webinars and live streams.


If you want to truly build brand engagement, you’ll need our fresh perspective to help you identify your target audience and accurately assess what it needs from your brand. Often, this isn't easy to do objectively.

iC is here to provide the support you need. We work with our clients to give them a professional, objective, hands-on approach. We have the expertise to help you execute a wide variety of engaging events to energize your audience and build those deep relationships.

Make sure to contact us today for your audience engagement needs.