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Boutique marketing and business experts with a fresh perspective


There is no such thing as the perfect plan.

When it comes to designing a strategy, Ijeoma Consulting understands that one size does not fit all.  Years of experience have shown us that a path already tread can provide great inspiration, but businesses must make their own imprint and carve out their unique space in the marketplace to be successful.


iC dedicates the time and resources to learn who you are, assess your strengths and areas in need of improvement, establish your goals and work intimately with you to craft a plan that will propel you towards your vision. We illuminate the obstacles that go unnoticed (the ones specific to you) and help you overcome them in a manner customized to your needs.

As an idea generating and strategic partner iC provides the essential support that compliments your passion, enabling you to achieve.





Unify your brand experience.

It's easy to believe that you can manufacture a brand identity, but it's much harder to do it...well, that is. Luckily you don't have to. Every business possesses special attributes. Ijeoma Consulting will help you identify your unique characteristics and use them to demonstrate your mission and values to your audience.


Instead of asking 'what you do', iC focuses on 'why you do'. We get right to the source of what motivates you, tap into your passion and highlight the attributes that resonate with your audience. This is the starting point of your positioning in the marketplace, including your language, look and feel. We'll align these elements and build an authentic brand identity that differentiates you from your competitors, connects you to your audience, and creates ambassadors to spread your message.





Focus + Efficiency = Results

Allocating limited resources to growth initiatives is already a big enough risk. Why undermine your potential success by splitting your focus, resulting in shoddy execution or mismanagement? Enlist a seasoned professional to focus your efforts, create efficiency, and deliver the results you need - allowing you to focus on running your business.







Lead the conversation.

Cultivating a captive audience requires more than flashy headlines that scream for attention. Positioning your business as an industry expert, trusted resource, and thought leader is essential to reinforcing your message and building credibility. But it goes even further.


Ijeoma Consulting believes that communication is essential to any healthy relationship. Creating an environment that encourages open dialogue and the sharing of insights is your strongest tool in connecting with your audience. We will help you lead the conversation by harnessing your ideas to create rich content, and design open communication channels where you will not only contribute, but get informed and be inspired.

iC will hone your voice by creating consistency and alignment in your messaging, customizing language and tone for the appropriate audience and platform, and transforming your ideas into powerful tools of engagement. 



Be limitless.

Reach your audience and enhance your storytelling, while making smart, data-informed decisions. iC enables you to develop powerful leverage for high quality client service and communication through thoughtful, elegant web design. Implement SEO strategies, monitor user traffic, analyze content engagement and implement technology to support business.


Your virtual presence (website, mobile app and/or social media) is an important extension of your business. In many instances, it can be a company's only means of existing. It provides powerful leverage for high quality customer service, communication, and overall enhanced engagement -- but only if used wisely.

iC has the expertise to determine where and how to position your virtual identity in online communities and on digital platforms. We'll build your presence in alignment with the technology that enhances your storytelling and provides the best user experience for your clients -- allowing you to demonstrate and communicate your value in the most impactful way. Furthermore, our on-going management will ensure that all digital elements remain cohesive and serve to strengthen your position in the marketplace.

iC will leave you with a well-developed virtual presence that stretches the reach of your business beyond what you previously envisioned.





Inspire. Be Inspired.

A name is easily forgotten, but an experience -- one that informs and inspires -- always leaves a lasting impression. It's your opportunity to imprint and reinforce your message in the minds of your audience, and connect with your clients on a personal level. Unfortunately, most businesses fail at execution.


iC designs and facilitates engaging ways to attract and develop a captive audience. Instead of selling your product or service, we'll use each touchpoint as an opportunity to promote an idea, catalyze an exchange and demonstrate your value. Our engagement strategies encourage open dialogue that shed light on the concerns and benefits that resonate most with your audience.

We'll gather invaluable information to inform your decisions, making your business part of your client's story.