I. Roxanne Ozoude

Founder & Chief Consultant



Roxanne Ozoude was headed to medical school when she, instead, began her career in marketing at Waterford Partners, LLC. Never good at following crowds, she eschewed typical recruiting programs and set her sights on smaller financial institutions where she could work hands on with people that made crucial decisions. She wanted to be valuable. She wanted to find out why and how things worked the way they did. While hedge funds typically hired from a pool of experienced professionals, Waterford saw that Ozoude had an innate sense of self-confidence and drive and, in an unprecedented move, hired her as their Marketing and Client Services Associate with no prior experience.

Always willing to help and learn quickly, she shadowed Waterford’s President, the Chief Operating Officer and analysts, and used the information she absorbed to enhance her relationships with clients and investors. Eventually she would add fund operations, portfolio administration and account reconciliation to her growing list of qualifications.

After three years at Waterford Partners, Ozoude became a consultant for the fund and moved on to Hillview Capital Advisors, LLC, one of Waterford’s investors. She worked alongside the CEO and CIO as an Investment Analyst, expanding her knowledge beyond equities and emerging markets to bonds, fixed income products and alternative investments products and strategies. As one of the two original people in Hillview's New York City office, Ozoude built out the infrastructure for the office and research team. She soon took on a more senior, hybrid research-client service role and became the Director of Investment Services, and finally the Director of Marketing.

As Hillview’s marketing director, Ozoude was responsible for the design, development and execution of the firm’s marketing strategy, including branding, internal and external communications and client engagement. She created all marketing materials, and managed Hillview’s website, social media presence and advertising relationships. Ozoude planned every detail of the firm’s events and oversaw all industry conference sponsorships. During her 11-year tenure at Hillview, the company more than doubled in AUM, and the New York City office grew by over three hundred percent.

Roxanne Ozoude's first solo venture, Ijeoma Consulting, LLC, leverages her 15 years of marketing and business expertise. As the current Executive Director of the Wealth & Giving Forum, for example, Ozoude was the main organizer and sole executor of the forum's 2013 and 2014 annual symposiums -- securing locations and catering, and handling all communications, conference materials, and visual aids. Both symposiums showcased notable guest speakers such as William Louis Dreyfus, Emmanuel Faber and Howard Warren Buffet.

Whether she's helping a start-up fashion house [Lois London] or an innovative non-profit [Petal-N-Belles], Ozoude's granular and global business experience enables her to provide the very best business and marketing solutions for her diverse group of clients. Never daunted, Roxanne Ozoude is tirelessly inspired to overcome the wide range of challenges her clients face.