Inbound or Outbound, That is the Question

The question has been around for years, but the answer hasn't changed...INBOUND!

Take a look at the comparison below to understand why.


In general, marketing is the cumulative of activities that supports a successful sales process. Starting from this point allows us to understand why comparing inbound and outbound marketing is so important...


Of Interest:

In a 2016 study on the State of Inbound (by Hubspot), 63% of survey takers indicated that prospects are “somewhat” or “not at all” knowledgeable about their companies before a he/she is approached for a sales opportunity.



An uninformed (and unengaged) audience makes the job of prospecting more difficult during the sales process. Inbound marketing seeks to educate and inform audiences, and qualify them prior to and during their progress through the sales funnel.


The proof is in the numbers...


Consider investing in a solid inbound marketing strategy and measure your results. Contact iC today and see how we can help you in the process.