Many organizations charge into the marketplace with a bright idea. However, they lack a plan outlining the strategic steps for their path to success. In an ultra-competitive environment, developing a cohesive strategy with your organization’s unique mission and identity at its core is the starting place for reaching your goals. 

We work with you to:

develop a comprehensive marketing strategy

unearth new opportunities

catalyze new/existing initiatives to create greater impact


In other instances, organizations just need help navigating the overall journey to their goals. Very few have the advantage of maintaining an internal senior level marketing professional to manage all facets of their efforts and steer them in the right direction. iC is a flexible resource that can:  


hone your ideas and execute the initial steps to activate a plan


provide guidance and strategic advice on existing strategy


At Ijeoma Consulting, our process begins with stepping back and giving you a f  resh perspective. We develop a strategy that's centered on the core of your business -- one that leverages your unique attributes and gives you a strong voice in the marketplace. We'll help you determine what strategies you have in place and how they can be improved, and work efficiently to fill in any gaps. 


The devil’s in the details...

iC knows what you need to be successful and how to put those elements in place quickly.

Here are some of the questions you'll need to answer in order to begin crafting a successful marketing strategy:

  • What does your company do better than anybody else?
  • What type of prospective customers are you targeting?
  • What position do you want your company to take in your specific marketplace?
  • What marketing communication channels will be the most effective given your audience?
  • What messages and benefits are the most important to share?

Once you have these broad queries answered, you'll be ready to approach your marketing with new eyes and increased intention.


Smart strategy requires you to not only think creatively, but analytically.

A great marketing strategy makes everything else easier. Marketing campaigns won't take nearly as long to ideate, with all the necessary information at your fingertips. You'll know what you're trying to say, who you're trying to say it to, and what channels you're going to use to say it. The only thing left is to get your message out there. But it doesn’t end there.

A great strategy will not only facilitate consistent, cohesive outbound messages about your business, but will create organic channels to receive feedback from your audience. This feedback is critical to informing your strategy and assessing whether you’re on the right path to achieving your goals. It will allow you to make more impactful, cost-effective decisions and refine your strategy, ensuring it remains a powerful tool on your path to success.

This efficiency will save you time and resources. More importantly. you'll reap the benefits of loyal customers when you use consistent marketing. With a strong backbone to support it, all your efforts will become more effective.


Whether you have a marketing strategy already in place or don't know where to begin, iC can be your partner in devising the right plan for you. We provide the fresh perspective necessary to energize your strategies and make them more impactful. Our hands-on approach provides you with skilled professional support to lead and execute tasks on time and on budget, making us the perfect choice to help any business, no matter how large or small.