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Petals-N-Belles ("PnB") is a social development no-profit organization focused on the empowerment and educational growth of young girls. It uses an innovative approach to mentoring, curating creative workshops, and awe-inspiring social and dynamic “real world” experiences the girls would otherwise lack, all to promote their future "SUCCESS."



Like many nonprofits, PnB was challenged with securing consistent funding for programming and strategically developing long-term donor relationships. PnB's awareness and fundraising events were enjoyable and inspiring, but missed the mark in making the necessary impact to secure substantial support and resources.



iC assessed PnB's overall organizational strategy and advised they use alternative tactics to secure resources for programming and work towards sustainability. In addition, iC helped develop an events strategy with stronger mission alignment and mentored the organization's founder on providing stronger messaging and more data-driven outcomes summaries during donor meetings.




Ijeoma Consulting has played an integral role in shifting the executive approach to managing Petals-N-Belles...[by] filling the gap between the great work we are doing to empower girls living in poverty and gaining the interest of social investors...

...led to identifying areas in need of attention and improvement, including researching opportunities to build relationships with potential donors...

... [iC] has a unique model that integrates forward thinking expertise, all while providing solutions that do not compromise the integrity, work and culture of a company.
— DAMALI ELLIOT | Founder and Chief Dream Builder


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